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Survival kit :  

You most have one on you all  the time. It can repair almost everything you rod can endure. Piece of 30pound baking line, glue, lighter, elastic and masking tape.

















How to repair your rod if one section breaks : 

Very simple, you take out the section that is broke and just put ONE layer of masking tape about 1'' long. Do not put glue on it. Make sure it is strong enought.























How to repair your Lillian :  

Just take a piece of 30pound backing line and put it a the end of your rod. After you take the lighter and heat up the backing line (dont go to close to the rob because carbone is a heating condoctor) once you feel it is lock just put a pinch of glue.












Rubber pad

If one of the section is stock just take the pad and turn just half a turn.  

















Elastic :

If the rubber pad did not work and it is still stock, take your elastic and make a knot aroud the shank of the rod. Make sure you have a hard place to knock the end of the rod but put something that can absord the knock like a book or magazine to protect the end of it. Then just to lift the rod un and let it go. In about 2 or 3 time like that and the section will come out. 



















Metal Cap :

Usuly in a good quality of a Tenkara rod, you will see a rubber in the cap to protect the down section on the rod. 













Rubber Cap :

Good Japanese rod like Nissin made some groove in the rubber cap to let your line attach to the Lillian.














 The rubber cap can hold the big 30 pound backing line.


















The Keiryu Zerosum rod as no Lillian you just put the line directly on the rod.























Be really carefull if you fish and you hear thunder storm just take your rod in and stop fishing. Reminber your rod is made out off carbon.


























EZ Keeper set-up









The kit comes whit  2 small O-Ring, 2 bigger ones and 2 holder.













 The big one you double them to put on the rod.












 One below the shank of the rod and the other one a little bit higher.












The small ones is to put on the holder. You take one and put it on just on side of it.











After, you go around the shank of the rod to put the other side. It will be a little bit hard to put it on because it as to be tight. 













 When the line is out and your fishing just close the holder.











How to clean your rod






Take all the section out of the rod buy the bottom of the handle. Line them up in order. Take some toilet paper or a kleenex but no material because if it get stuck you will have a hard time to get it out. 





Add some alcohol on the paper but not to much.

Make a form in the paper that will be easy to pass through the section. 




Always take the second section of the one your cleaning to help you push the paper all the way thru. 













Go easy when your pushing the paper.










And you do this for all the section except the two last one that are to small to do it (the last section is block whit the Lillian)