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What is Keiryu ?


The Keiryu rod is almost exactly like a Tenkara rod, the only difference is the handle. It is not cork but a fine layer, of a kind of a rubber.



The Keiryu rod are made for big fish, they have more strenght. In Japan they are made to fish whit real lure like : Maggot, nymph, worm and fish eggs. They will also put on the line some strike indicator and split shoot. Those rods will be use to fish in deep water like pools and lakes.



The action of the rod are not like those in Tenkara, they are read as soft, medium, stiff and super stiff.

Tenkara Canada / Tenkara Quebec want to introduce it as a fly fishing method.

The Tenkara fly will do but you can put heavier fly whit those kind of rod. You could put some streamer and bigger nymph.

Some Keiryu rod can reach very long lenght and they will be fish whit two hand. You will do some spey casting whit them.



What is Seiryu ?

The Seiryu rod are exactly the same as Keiryu rod the only difference is to fish small fish..