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How did I start Tenkara :


I start fly fishing in 2000 whit the fly fishing club ‘’Les Moucheurs du Montréal Métropolitain’’.  My rod that I always use was a 6’6’’ 3 weight.

In 2009, I saw a little add on Tenkara in a American fly fishing magazine. I started to do some research on what was Tenkara. That Japanese style of fly fishing was for me very interesting. The simplicity and the places to be fished was exactly my type of  fly fishing. Unfortunately at that time there was not a lot of information on Tenkara fly fishing so I let it go. But in October 2013 at my great satisfaction there was a fly fishing show in Trois-Rivières, QC. There was a booth talking about Tenkara. I feel in love whit Tenkara so just a few days after that show I bought myself 3 rods without trying it, I was convinced or simply crazy !


In feburary 2014, I got the opportunity to be invited at the booth of the fly fishing club ‘’Les Moucheurs Endiablés du Mont-Tremblant’’ at the fly fishing show in Granby, QC to talk about what is Tenkara. Following that show, Tenkara Canada | Tenkara Quebec was born to sell Tenkara, Keiryu and Seiryu rods and the accessory that goes whit it and to discuss on the subjet.


Subsequently the fly fishing club ‘’Le Regroupement de Pêche à la Mouche de Sherbrooke’’ was kindly enough to invited me at their booth for the Sportsmen’s shown held in Sherbrooke, QC to talk and show what was the beauty of fly fishing in Tenkara style. After followed a few conferences in some fly fishing club in Quebec.


Since may 2014, I fish exclusively whit my Tenkara rods and I travel on a lot of American rivers acquire as much as experience that I can to be the reference in Quebec in Tenkara. I fish a wide range of difference size of rivers and difference type of fish from trout to landlocked salmon.

Tenkara as become a passion for me.


My mission is to inform people all over Quebec and all-around of what a nice way to fly fish at a low cost and how easy it is to learn Tenkara.


Hope to see you in a river whit a Tenkara rod in your hand!


Danièle Beaulieu