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All the videos of those knots are at the end of this page


 1) The knot that will attach to the Lillian (red rope at the end of the rod) (about 15 feet long)










 2) The 8 form knot that will be the locking knot at the end of your backing line.






 3) The splitknot, in that picture I took backing line to help you see better the way to make it. This splitknot is on the level line (fluoro or mono). (3-1/2 long)







 4) Take your backing line and your fluo or mono line and join them together. You don't cut the extra line when everything is lock, it would help you to change the line when it's time to do it.





 5) You do a 8 form knot at the other end of you fluo or mono line and a splitknot on one of the end of your tippet. And at the other end of your tippet attach your flies. (Tippet about 6 feet)




 6) Here's a drawing of the knots. See the second one on the picture, tha knot is if you take only Level lin, fluo or mon line.