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Always be informed of the newest thing and events concerning Tenkara, Keiryu and Seiryu fly fishing. It could be conferences, shows, fly tying Tenkara flies or simply a group happening.

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News 2015 : 

  • Here is a link on a article that I saw on the net 
  • On 15 of june will be the same show that was on TV earlier this year, don't miss it.
  • I will be on TV on that was recorded in august 2014 for showing how to fish whit Tenkara rods. The episode was film on the Chateauguay river in Powerscourt in the section of the TUC (Trout Ulimited, Chateauguay chapter).

News 2014 :

  • I add the privilege to participate in a shooting for a TV fishing show call ‘’Elles pêchent’’ that will be broadcast on Radio Canada in spring 2015, I can’t tell you more than that, just stay tune…

Here is the link (french only) :



Events 2016 :


  • Feburary 20 2016 : Salon de Chasse & Pêche de Montréal - Place Bonaventure
  • March 15 2016 : IF4 - Montreal
  • April 12 2016 : Conference at the ''Les Moucheurs Séniors'' from St-Constant
  • April 16 2016 : Fly market at the ''Moucheurs du Montréal Métropolitain''(MMM) (Rods and accessories to sell)
  • May 14-15 2016 : Spey Clave - Sherbrooke
  • August 27 - september 2 2016 : Commonwhealth Fly Fishing Championship - Mont-Tremblant, QC, Canada
  • September 10 2016 : Happening whit the club ''Moucheurs du Montréal Métropolitain'' ont the ''La Diable river'' at Mont Tremblant, QC, Canada (have to be a member of des MMM  and des Endiablés 
  • November 26-27 2016 : Fly Fishing show Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada


Events 2015 :

  • Feburary 7 & 8 2015 : 16th Fly fishing show in Granby, QC 

  • Feburary 13 2015 : Evening of fly tying Tenkara flies (Takayama Sakasa Kebari) whit the member of the ‘’Les Moucheurs du Montréal Métropolitain’’ (MMM).

  • February 24 2015 : Evening of information on Tenkara whit the member of Trout Unlimited chapter Châteauguay. 

  • Mars 182015 : International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) at the Beaubien Theather in Montreal 
  • April 11 2015 : Fly market at the Moucheurs du Montréal Métropolitain MMM (Rods and accessories to sell) 
  • April 12 2015 : Seminar on Tenkara fishing style in Côte Ste-Catherine
  • May 9 & 10 2015 : Spey clay in Sherbrooke organise by the ‘’Regroupement des Pêcheurs à la Mouche de Sherbrooke’’ (RPMS)

  • May 13 2015 : Information night for the happening on the 14th in Mont Tremblant at the Diable river (member of the MMM)
  • June 14 2015 : Happenning for a day of Tenkara fly fishing whit the fly fishing club ‘’Les Moucheurs du Montréal Métropolitain’’ (MMM) on La Diable river in Mont-Tremblant (You have to be a member of  the MMM  and why not be a member of les Endiablés).

  • September 26 2015 : Information night on Tenkara fly fishing (you have to be a member of the RPMS, Sherbrooke).



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Trips 2016 :


See my new blog on line for 2016 


Trips 2015 : 


May 23-24 2015 : Boquet river, NY

I saw that river in 2013 but never fished it. I really missed one of the best river in north of the Adirondacks, NY. The average size is 9'', and just a few distance you have some really fabulous little nice trout. I never taught I will capture so much big brown and all of that whit my super nice little Seiryu Fine Mode Nagare 2way from Nissin that is made usally for small fish............... They are just simply the berst rod there is.


May 18 2015 : Minerva stream, NY

I finished my stay whit a little waterway call Minerva steam located in the village of the same name. You have to fish it whit very light equipment like a beautifull Seiryu or Tenkara rod ;-). The water was getting pretty hot (72F) so I did not cach anything but my mind was really there because I was to hot to fish and I had to come back home..... I will go back and see her again.


May 18 2015 : Balfour Pound, NY

Not far from the upper Hudson river is that nice looking lake whit a nice parking and a trail to take your canoe or like me a float tube. Very easy access to the lake that is about 200 feet from your car. It is like almost all of the lake and river in NY, free of charge..... Just be respectfull not to throw your garbage elsewhere then in your car. If you come from another lake that add an issue whit Didymo, please wash your equipment. I capture some nice little smallmouth bass and I add competition all day whit a looner, a falcon and a beaver that was watching his baby. Whit all those competitors that says a lot on this lake and that is that there is fish in it :-)  


May 17 2015 : Upper Hudson river, NY

Located not far from the village of Newcomb, she is a beauty and a good size for poeple like me the love meduim size river, because lower Hudson river gets to big because of all of the tributary that feeds her. I did not catch fish during my short stay of a few hours in it but I will sure come back to now her what kind of fish there is in it but I am pretty sure that is a trout river. To get access to the river you have a little slope that you will engaged for a few minutes but don't worry it is not that bad. For poeple that are not to familliar in waking river take yourself a stick. 


May 16 2015 : Boreas river, 

Nice river but the access is limited for wading. If you have a canoe it is the best. There is trout and some fisherman told me that there is some big bass but upper of this river. She is at only 2h30 from Montreal (exixt 29 on the 87 interstate, where was the late Frontier Town).


May 16 2015 : The Branch river, NY

I saw that river a few years ago when I came back from a fishing trip and she looked great, so I did what I had to do on this day and when fishing on it to see what she can offer me. I was not desapointed at all, she gave me exactly the kind of fishing I adore and that is for very small little trout. The water is crystal clear so you have to be really invisible approching the pocket water. Whit my Seiryu Fine Mode 2 way Nagare rod 13'-14.5' it was the best rod for the job. 


May 9 2015 : St-François river, Dam at St-Elie-d'Orford, QC

When fishing whit Javier Melgajero that guided me on this river at the feet of the dam. Caught a few nice little yellow perch. Everything was caught whit my Keiryu Mini Pocket V3 rod that is 15' long. Despite it is a Keiryu rod the sensability is remarkable.


May 1-5 2015 : Salmon river, Pulaski, NY

When fishing for the big one on the famous Salmon river in Pulaski, Steelhead on the list whit my big mama rod the Keiryu Zerosum from Nissin 23' long. Lost of my first steelhead after 2 minutes of fight because my knots was badly done rrrrrrrrrrrrr but my second one I hook him really nicely whit a nice fight a a few minutes to finaly land it to take a nice picture and put him back in the river for next time :-) 


April 29 2015 : Au Sable river, Willmington, NY  

Fish on one of the must prestigious river in the East on NY the Au Sable river. I fish at the pool name Monument Falls but the temperature of the water was very cool at only 40F. I manage to take a few nice little trout whit my Seiryu Fine Mode 2Way rod - 13'-14'-1/2 it was simply as good at it was. The action of that rod is incredible, yoiu can feel everithing whit it. 


Trips 2014 :


November 30 2014 : Saranac river, Plattsburg, NY  - For Steelhead but caught brown trout

Caught 7 really nice brown trout that means that the Saranac river is in shape. Don’t forget to do catch & release you will be glad to come back and catch bigger one next time. 


September 20-21 & 27 & October 4-5 2014 : Saranac river, Plattsburg, NY  - For landlock salmon

I when whit my partner Claudel Déry, Stéphane Malhiot and Sylvain Dufour on the Saranac river in Plattsburg to catch some landlock salmon. I lost 2 nice one, one was because my knots that was not good enough and the other one lack of experience for that size of fish. I did have few ones coming to see my streamer, all that whit my Tenkara rod 8:2 whit a 8 pound leader. You can go see on my YouTube account all of it.

September 6 2014 : Coaticook river, Waterville, QC – For Trout

I went fishing whit Javier on that really nice river that must be known. That day the water was very hot and very low, result of that day one bass about 2’’ long, that fishing ;-)

August 30 2014 : Lac du Cerf , Notre-Dame -de-Pontmain, Qc  - For Pike but caught a bass

 First time on a lake whit a Tenkara rod, result a nice bass on a zonker.

July 19 @ august 1 2014 : West branch Delaware river, Beaverkill & Willowemoc - Catskill Old Rte 17 , NY

Two beautiful weeks of pure pleasure in the Catskill, NY. What is there yo say of those beautifull rivers and mountains. The Delaware river is a mystery for me whit big trout no where to be caught. The experience of those trouts makes them very hard to catch. The legendary Beaverkill river, every book of fly fishing in Eastern NY talks about that river and I no why. Very fun to fish and a lot of nice trout everywhere. That's the river I add the most fun. Rainbow trout, brown trout and brook trout was everywhere, I even caught bass!! And finally the Willowemoc river, nice little river whit trout in it. And you have to make a stop at the museum of fly fishing in Livingston Manor.


July 12 2014 : La Diable river in Mont-Tremblant, QC – Section of the fly fishing club ‘’Les Moucheurs les Endiablés’’.

I when whit my friend to initiate them on fly fishing whit Tenkara rods on that beautifull river. It took them just a few minutes to understand I to cast. Tenkara is that easy to learn and even Claudel Déry tried it. Here is the link to see the association thjat take care of it, and what a great job they are doing : .


July 5 2014 : St-Charles, QC – Chauveau Park

I when back to that river but in a different section that was the Chauveau Park in Neufchatel. Very nice place whit a trail that follow the river all the way. The river add very low level of water. But it was great to see the bed of the river for next time. I saw a lots of stonefly casing on the rocks, that is a good sign.

1 juillet 2014 : Black river, QC – St-Pie  

I when fishing whit my friend Roxanne to initiate her for Tenkara fly fishing. The sweltering heat did not stop us to fish for bass and yellow perch. There is a lot of species in that river and I heard there is big monster size fish in there.


29 juin 2014 : Black river, QC -  St-Pie

Even if the color of the Black river is not really nice there is a lot of species in there. We can catch bass, walleye, pike and muskie of good size.

- June 28 2014 : La Diable river in Mont-Tremblant, QC – Section of the fly fishing club ‘’Les Moucheurs les Endiablés’’.

What a day, the temperature was so nice and I was whit my two great partern of fly fisherman Claudel Déry and Stéphane Malhiot. Nice size brown trout are everywhere in that really nice size river. You have to be really carefull when wading in that river because she is hard to walk do to the big boulders. Here is the link to see the association thjat take care of it, and what a great job they are doing :

- June 21 2014 : St-Charles river, QC  - La Haute St-Charles

I took ''Le sentier des rivières''. That hiking trail is following the river all the way, it is really nicely done. Sometime you are completely in the wood and somethimes you find yourself in a park. There is pike, yellow perch even trout whit a seeding every year by ''pêche en ville'' ( The river as rapids and some places as flats. You can fish by canoe or wading it depends of which section of the river you are fishing. See the link of that river to see where to park and fish. (

- June 15 2014 : Yamaska river , QC- Section Réservoir Choinière

I went on the Yamaska river whit my friend Serge for bass but we caught only white fish. It was a beautiful day despite the brown color of the water, the level was pretty low and the smell of the farmer manure spreading was awful.

- June 7-11 2014 : Deerfield River, Mass ; Walloomsac River, VT & NY ; Battenkill River, NY ; Schroon River, NY

The Deerfield river is hard the to get there. Big mountain makes it very hard for the breaks of your car or camper. Yo have to go and see the Hoosic tunnel, very mysterious and scary place to be. I had the previlege to see a train go out of this black cold tunnel hiiiiiii!!!! What about the river, the brown water is not that bad you can see the fish coming to get your fly. Nice size trout can be caught everywhere. There's a few parking along the river. Don't be scared to walk away for your car to go further and get some trout that are waiting for food to come there way. You have some big pools all over the place.

The Battenkill river on the NY side is easier to catch fish then the Vermont side, but don't let it pass because the fish can be bigger. You have rapids and flats. That river is well know around the world for the quality of fishing. You really have to be in a stage of observing and to analyse the river to see where to put your fly. Take your time beacause the fish is very spooky.You can go and visit the original Orvis store if you pass throught.

The Walloomsac river is a strange one but still fun to fish. There is trout and bass that can be really big size. There is rapids and big pool all along the river.

The Schroon river is easy to acces and the size of it is a medium one. There is rainbow trout that are very fun to catch when there's is a hatch.

May 31 –June 4 2014 : Magalloway River, Maine

I feel in love whit that river, it is so nice. Good size trout and even landlock salmon can be caught. Not to big of a river. There a section that is barbless. Easy access whit a path along the river. One thing important is that you have to do your grocery before going overthere because there is nothing around for food. The mosquitos are a big factor of stress, there are everywhere and are very aggresive. Moose can be seen, just be alert.

May 17-23 2014 : Mad River VT, Dog River VT, Waterbury River, VT

The Mad river

The Dog river

The Waterbury river, first you stop at Ben's and Jerry ice cream factory to get a little ice cream before fishning and then you make yourself dissapear in that nice river.

May 1-7 2014 : Salmon River, NY (Altmar (Pulaski))

First time Tenkara fishing and I choose to fish steelhead, wow simply crazy. I was to chicken after loosing 3 steelhead so I took my western fly rod. Next year (2015) I will fish only whit my Tenkara and Keiryu rod for sure.